by Adam Whiteley

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released February 4, 2014



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Adam Whiteley Chicago, Illinois

Adam Whiteley is a Chicago musician.

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Track Name: Snows in Chicago
She slept so picturesque, as he wept.
Ya the snow falls on Chicago but he left.

He followed lines of geese as they flew around,
looking for the horizon, going from town to town.
And he thinks on back to the Midwest and his home.
But that pain in his chest wont leave him alone.

She fell away so quietly in the bed where she lay.
Ya the dead of winters always hard,
but it was her time they say.

Your all he wanted, now your all he wants back.
He says family runs thick but disease is quick to cut you down,
cut you down, down.
Track Name: Simple Melody
Just a simple melody, tell you how much you mean to me.
As simple as to say, you'd come home to me to stay.

As simple as the day
the sun tore through windows and carried us away,
and the concrete blocks they broke,
underneath our feet as we spoke.

Love today, Love tomorrow.
Love today, Love tomorrow.

Let the speckled rays fall into place,
the kitchen clock lose face,
pill box, fall down,
fill your life with sound.

It's as simple as an eye,
you can see but you don't know why,
you can laugh but you don't want to cry,
you can live but we all say goodbye.
Track Name: Sitting There
Your sittin' there constantly waitin'
for time to tell you where to go.
The politicians on the hill they're debatin'
how to put on a grander show.

Your neighbor he is sleepin'
deep than he ought.
His wife is leavin'
now that the war is won
but he came home lost.

Your friends they're all reelin'
from they're own youthful treason.
Some stranger in suit who'd gathered a few more years
sat'em down and said son, the time to settle is here.

The news it is squeelin'
another poor kid shot
deep on the south side
where in a few days time
the rest of us will have forgot.

Your brother, he's had a hard time of it all.
Ever since last winter when your mother had her last fall.
Now he walks the city streets in the glow of the night.
When your surrounded by people it lends loneliness more bite.

That's why
you and I are just another season for staying true,
to everything we paid to learn to all the hippies knew.
Ya the old timer's fought a few more wars so we could rule.
Now they blame it all on the youth and they call us the fools.
They call us the fools.